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Attorney Information

Eric A. Hinojosa


Eric is an attorney with a license to practice in the State of Texas.  He is also a fully registered and licensed patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Before opening his own practice, he developed legal experience working for small and mid-sized law firms which primarily focused on business and intellectual property.  Eric brings experience to patent and trademark prosecution (drafting, searching, filing).  He is equally experienced in contract formation, review, and modification.  Above all else, he is a proud father and a hardworking husband who values his family. 


Eric graduated from St. Mary's University School of Law, where he focused his studies for a career in intellectual property law.  While a student there he was a member of and later became the president of the Technology & Intellectual Property Law Association (a student interest group).  Despite the rigors of law school, he found time to volunteer as an income tax preparer for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program to serve the local community.  Also while still a law student, Eric interned at the University of Texas at San Antonio Office of Commercialization and Innovation, which manages the university's intellectual property development.  Afterwards, he accepted a position as a legal clerk doing research, review, and drafting of legal documents for an established IP boutique law firm.  He worked there until the birth of his daughter, choosing to focus on completing law school and being a father.


Prior to his legal career, Eric was first and foremost a scientist.  Upon graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, he worked for Southwest Research Institute, (San Antonio, Texas) as a project specific research scientist.  In that time he worked on many highly technical projects in various capacities including researcher, author, and plant operator. 


There are several distinct benefits that Eric can provide his clients.  For example, as a young attorney, he is uniquely positioned to deliver cost efficient services.  Budgets and the times being what they are, consider that the ideal attorney may not be one who has 20 years of experience.  Consider instead an attorney that can deliver the quality expected of a more experienced attorney in a leaner priced package. 


Another important advantage is Eric’s ability to adapt as a professional.  Being able to process and respond to changes in the law, in technology, or in a client’s needs is a skill that is increasingly essential in the modern economy.  Eric believes that success in any endeavor is about a well disciplined mindset that comes from preparation, focus, and practice.  His experiences have taught him that the level of organization that you maintain in both professional and personal life will create the room to avoid problems and be ready to benefit from opportunities. 


Eric is a San Antonio native, born and raised.  As such he has seen many changes over the years.  Recently, he has seen the effects that a lack of access to quality legal services has had on the local economy.  Many individuals and small businesses risk the dangers of not seeking legal consultation because it is simply not affordable.  But it is his sincere hope to change that dynamic by using affordable access to the legal system as a means to even the field for individuals, start-ups, and small businesses alike. 



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